Civil Litigation

Hiring a lawyer to handle a case requires faith in the attorney’s competence and experience. The lawyer must be trusted to handle the matter capably and efficiently. Trust arises out of experience and Monaghan Leahy has the track record to justify that kind of trust. Since the firm was founded in 1976, Monaghan Leahy’s attorneys have successfully tried hundreds of cases, from auto accident and defective product claims to complex contract and banking disputes. They have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Monaghan Leahy’s attorneys also foster trust through their counsel. The firm prides itself on zealous advocacy. At the same time, clients are given the straight story on their case from the outset: the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the dispute; whether mediation or settlement is a better alternative to litigation or trial, and an explanation of each important step to be undertaken. Finally, integrity builds trust. Monaghan Leahy is proud of its reputation for integrity, trial skill and its commitment to helping its clients. First and foremost is the ethical obligation to achieve the best result possible through the most economical course. Monaghan Leahy believes clients should not accept anything less.


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